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Ways and instructions for prevention

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

Now, we draw the attention of all dear youths to the following points to avoid formation of this habit, or cure it:
First step

1- The first notable step for the afflicted is that despite its fatal consequences, this heinous sexual habit is curable, and according to physicians and many afflicted persons, it is certainly curable like any other wrong habit and addition if a correct procedure is applied.

It is remarkable that most of its ill effects will be removed during a relatively short period after desisting it, because the youth vivacity and power could compensate most of the previous disorders (of course, not all, but most of them). As the wounds and injuries in the children and youths heal very soon, the ill effects of this practice too will be eliminated in a relatively short period after awakening (if one realizes in time).

Those afflicted youths who despaired of their recovery or are in doubt, are really wrong, because despair and hesitation is the greatest hindrance for their relief. (pay attention).

Therefore, the first and most essential issue to be considered and believed, is the possibility of quick withdrawal from this heinous and shameful habit, and relieving from many of its consequences.
When the first step was taken, we can go ahead towards the treatment of the afflicted with perfect faith and hope, and they shall prepare themselves for exercise of the first instruction.

2- Physicians generally believe that to cure any addiction, the most important thing is  a decisive, strong, and serious decision.

You may consider it insignificant, but we tell you that it is more important and effective than what you may think.

For making a decision, one shall first reflect on the harms of continuation of this dangerous malefaction, review several times the harms mentioned in the preceding chapters, imagine the ill consequences for the addicted, and considering the superior personality and power hidden in any human, particularly the youths, he shall make a firm resolve.

I am sure that some afflicted youths would object that. “We cannot make any decision, and we have resolved several times, but failed!”

We are fully aware of your objection, but you too shall pay attention to our reply:
I ask such people: “Have your even done this openly before your parents, brother, teacher and or any other individual, even if you are very unquiet?

You will certainly say: No.

I ask, “Why?” You reply: “Because it is such a disgraceful practice!”

We say: You mean that since it is shameful, you have decided to avoid it before them!

This very well proves that you are never drawn to this practice as unwillingly and involuntarily as you think. Otherwise, the presence or absence of these individuals made no difference to you!

You shall try to extend “your strong willpower” used in such cases everywhere. This capital exists in you. Then, why do you not utilize it?

You shall also keep in mind that God is present everywhere and observes your deeds. Is it correct to perform this practice in His presence?!

It is noteworthy that we read in one of the statements of the great Islamic leaders, Imam Sadiq (as.) that once a person came to him and said: Poor man has been involuntarily afflicted by a “sexual perversion”!

Imam angrily asked: What do you mean?! Does he commit it in the presence of others also?! He replied: No. He said: So, it proves that he does it voluntarily and willingly.

We declare explicitly to those who say, “We have decided several times, but failed”: Violation of decision does not imply elimination of all of its effects in man. When a decision is broken, there remains some deposits on depth of man’s heart and soul, and it paves the way for final decision more than before. (Pay attention)

Let me explain this with the help of an example:

Many times, when one decides to climb a mountain or drive up a sharp slope, one may fail the first, second and sometimes even the tenth time, but finally, one succeeds and passes it. It does not mean that he has not achieved anything in the previous times. Rather, each time he tried to go uphill and failed, he has automatically learned and acquired some ability and has finally succeeded.

Scientists say that to memorize a poem or prose, at first, 5 times repetition may be required, and it may be forgotten later. But next time, 5 times repetition will not be required. Three times may be enough. In other words, the deposits of previous decisions and learning always remain in man’s spirit. This is applicable to all issues concerned with man’s psyche.

Therefore, if you have resolved ten times, and have broken it, prepare yourself for a decisive, serious and firm decision for desisting from any sort of wrong addiction, and mobilize all your spiritual forces, particularly belief in God, and do not forget the saying of our great leader, Imam Ali (a.s.) that: Faithful individuals are strong and persistent like a mountain.

Now that you have made your final decision, you should observe the following instructions exactly.

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