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sexual education after marriage 

There are many reasons why marriage turns into divorce and love becomes hatred. One of the many reasons of this is the ignorance about sexual matters between spouses. In this stage which is the stage before marriage it is vital that the parents teach or the individuals themselves search about sexual topics between the husband and wife. If one reviews the sayings of Ahl Al-Bayt (A.S) they will find many tips on how to keep the love going.

Giving attention to one’s body:
-    Such as cleaning the body and removing bad odor. The Prophet (pbuh) stated “Man should get ready for their wives (for intercourse) like how she gets ready for him”. Imam al-Sadiq (pbuh) explained the saying “Getting ready means cleaning the body”(1). 
-    Cleaning of the mouth and keeping it smelling good, the Prophet (pbuh) said “Put Cyperus (Nutsedges) in your mouths as it gives a nice fragment in the mouth and helps increase sexual intercourse”(2)
-    Removing extra hair for men and women that may drive the other partner away. Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) said “remove hair as it makes one more beautiful”(3).
-    Giving attention to fingernails as the Prophet (pbuh) advised men “cut your fingernails” and advised women to “keep your fingernails long as they are more embellishing for you”(4).
-    Combing hair as the Prophet (pbuh) stated “combing your hair keeps diseases(5) away, increases wealth, and increases sexual intercourse” (6)

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    Hi The article was very good, concise and useful I did not think that Islam paid so much attention to details about sex Thanks

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    hi I did not know that Islam was so detailed about sex It was really interesting to me thank you very much

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