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Ten Matrimonial instructions

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

As mentioned earlier, risks and harms of sexual perversions, specially masturbation, which is sometimes called Onanism after a historical legend, are undeniable because it turns to “addiction” soon, a deep-rooted and fatal addiction so that the afflicted performs it several times a day, and even according to explicit confession of some afflicted people, sometimes the semen excretes from them only with “imagination and thinking”! without any other action!

Even more dangerous is despair and pessimism about encountering this addiction, because despair is the greatest hindrance for relief of the afflicted, and results in very undesirable spiritual reactions in them.

The afflicted should be sure that if they resolve, they can overcome this heinous habit, and even eliminate most of its effects and consequences in themselves in a short or somewhat long period.

They should never suggest to themselves that the addiction will last till the end of their life or its effects will remain forever.

Rather, they shall attempt to fight with full vigilance, decisive resolution and observance of “further instructions”.

Those who have been relieved from this heinous habit, should value their purity, and be vigilant to maintain it. They should avoid any satanic temptation, and must not leave their destiny to the aberrant and deviant associates at any rate.

As we have already mentioned, definite victory in struggle with any sort of wrong addiction, including dangerous sexual addictions or others, after hopefulness and confidence about victory, lies in making a firm decision (a strong decision relied on faith, character, nobility and conscience, and an unfailing and inviolable decision).

Even if the decision is broken ten times, they should make a stronger resolve again, and renew their decision with same hopefulness and faith.

However, the decisions finally affect their unconscious, and when they are accumulated, they will be effective.

Undoubtedly, when the resolve is not broken, effects of the heinous habits will be eliminated from their spirit and body much sooner.

It goes without saying that if such people establish a close relation and connection with their Lord, and seek help from His sacred presence, and trust in His mercy, it will be more fruitful under the grace of this religious faith.

Now, after these steps, following points shall be observed carefully. These points may seem simple for some people, but in practice, it is proved that they have a miraculous effect.


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