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The Important Issue lies here!

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

Here, we read another painful and distressful letter from an afflicted youth (we have not mentioned his name), and review another scene from the sorrowful spectacles of this tainted society.

Now, let us follow our discussion regarding the heinous and dangerous habit of masturbation, and the way of curing it, haply to control this dangerous flood somehow.

One of the big mistakes with respect to this critical issue is that contrary to some experts who have studied about it for many years and written about the evil effects of this ugly practice (a sample of which was mentioned in the previous chapters), some physicians comment:

Medically, we have not found any harm of this practice. Rather, frightening individuals from fatal and ominous impacts of this practice, may have undesirable effects on their spirit!

Once they say: There is not much difference between this practice and sexual intercourse.
Unfortunately, such remarks without investigation about all aspects of issue, result in fall of a number of youths in the snare of this ominous habit.

The well-informed physicians reply them as follows:
They have ignored an essential point, that is: According to “plenty of observations” and “plain confessions of many afflicted”, this practice is habit-forming, and a severe and fatal addiction which attracts individuals to itself, and does not leave them easily.

Smoking a narcotic may not be very harmful once, but we should note that there is risk of addiction, in which one’s everything may be buried.

As the specialists have stated clearly in this regard, this evil deed is habit-forming. They have warned the youths against it. (pay attention)

Another point to be added is that the way of being tainted by this practice is very simple and easy. In other words, it does not require any means, and it is possible everywhere and in all conditions. It is not possible to control it, and regretfully, since it entangles the youths during the period of “rebellion of sexual instinct”, especially during the years of 16 to 20, it may change to a deep rooted habit very soon. However, sexual intercourse is never so simple, and even for the spouses, it is possible under particular conditions.

Those who have disregarded its harms have certainly forgotten the issue of “addiction”, and its other particular conditions and situations.

Otherwise, how one can deny the reality that many tainted youths continue it as far as death, insanity, absolute debility, paralysis and losing everything? Is it possible to deny such obvious observations?!

On the contrary, there are many people among this group who say: we were not familiar with the harms of this heinous habit. Therefore, the issue of autosuggestion is rejected here.


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