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A Short Treatise on The Divine Invitation by : Muhammad M. Khalfan Each year, as we approach the Graceful Month of Ramada-n, we are considered as the ‘Special Guests’ of Allah (SwT). What does it mean to be a special guest? What is the difference between an ‘ordinary’ invitation and a ‘special’ invitation? Why is the Holy Month of Ramada-n described...

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Fasting according to the Five Schools of Islamic Law by : Allamah Muhammad Jawad Maghniyyah Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the `pillars' of the Islamic faith. No proof is required to establish its being obligatory (wajib) and one denying it goes out of the fold of Islam, because it is obvious like salat, and in respect of anything so...

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The red spool held in the boys’ hands twirled rapidly as the kite tugged. “Let the line out slowly,”? dad said. “You don’t want to use it all at once.”?

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Fill a glass with water. Use a rubber band to hold a handkerchief tightly over the top. Over a sink, quickly turn the glass upside down. The water should stay in the glass. The water didn't flow out of the glass because of a special property of water called surface tension. Water is made up of tiny molecules that act like magnets. They stick to one...

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Adapted from the book : "A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West" in accordance with the edicts of Ayatullah Seestani

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 “It is sufficient for the son of Adam a couple of bits (of food) to raise his spine (1). When he does -inevitably - , one third should be for food, one third for liquids, one third for air.”(2)  The Prophet (pbuh)

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Anyone who knows Shia Muslims, knows that they do prostration or sujud on a clay tablet usually from the ground of Karbala near or from the grave of Imam Hussein (a.s) called Turbah. So is this action an action of polytheism or Shirk because they supposedly worship the clay tablet? What is the evidence that this is a lawful action? 

2014/10/24 1675

This book is a republication of our earlier book on Salatul Layl. With the Tawfiq of Allah, we have been able to improve the format and the content so as to make the book both easier to use and more comprehensive. We hope the changes will benefit all Mu’mineen.

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Con il nome di Allah, Il Compassionevole, Il Misericordioso. La lode ad Allah, Il Signore dell’Universo. Possa Allah mostrare le Sue benedizioni sul Profeta Muhammad e la sua progenie.

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