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A Clear Explanation for The Prohibition of Music Part 6

Instrumental Music

Unlike the past, nowadays music mostly contains both singing and the use of instruments. All the past five articles were about singing; from  now on we discuss about the verdict of using these instruments.
According to the verdict of Ayatollah Sistani: “whatever is considered suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings - which is the case with musical instruments that give liveliness like the flute, lute, zither, guitar, and anything like them - is considered prohibited to listen to, use and make money by. Other than that such as military music and funeral music is under the ruling of an optional precaution to avoid.” if the usage of a certain instrument is seen by people as proper for entertainers and for diversional gatherings, it is considered prohibited to listen to, use, and earn money by, Otherwise it is permissible. The instruments that give the listener liveliness and makes the human want to jump up and down and dance are seen and considered suitable for these wicked gatherings such as the clarinet, saxophone, and what was stated in the case.
Military music which is used for example during ceremonies and funeral music which has a sorrow and sadness to it are not seen as suitable for the gatherings of entertainment. Yet the Ayatollah states as a matter of optional precaution one had better not listen, play, and earn money by this kind of music. It means one may act upon the precaution and stay away from the action which is better or one may act upon it.    
To wrap up, if there is uncertainty about an instrument being considered suitable for the gatherings of entertainment, then it is permissible to use, listen to and as well to earn money by. It also means one can teach how to play it. 

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