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A Clear Explanation for The Prohibition of Music Part 4

Singing Non Diversional Words

In previous articles it was stated that the prohibition of singing is conditioned upon the usage of diversional words. This statement might create a few questions such as “how about using words that are not diversional as lyrics for a song” and “what about reciting The Holy Quran with a rhythm and tune”.
The answer to these questions is what Sayed Sistani stated in his case: “It is also prohibited to use these kinds of tunes while reciting The Holy Quran, supplications, etc. More than that based on obligatory precaution, other forms of speech, apart from the ones already mentioned, must also not be articulated in such a tune”.  
Before explaining we have to make something clear, that is the meanings of precaution and final judgment in the books of our high ranked scholars. 
In summary, if a scholar wants to reach to a judgment or ruling on an action, he must search in The Holy Quran and sayings of Ahl Al-Bayt peace be upon them. Sometimes a scholar finds the evidence and proof he wants and there is no obstacle in using the evidence, therefore it makes him have a final judgment and then he states an action is prohibited, obligatory, recommended, abhorred, or permissible. Sometimes the scholar does not find a proof or finds it but cannot use it, so he cannot give a final judgment so he gives a judgment as a precaution and a measure taken to prevent missing out on an obligation or falling into something prohibited.
Then precautions are two kinds recommended and obligational. The recommended is the precaution that it is up to you to act upon or leave. As for the obligational, it is the precaution you have to act upon or act upon the verdict of another jurist (of course one who is the most learned after the jurist you are following.)
With that all out of the way, there are two pictures:
1-    Reciting the holey Quran and supplications in a tune is prohibited if the tune was suitable for entertainment and diversional gatherings, otherwise it is permissible. 
2-    Using a rhythm and tune with words that are not diversional, like words of wisdom and words that make you closer to your creator, is -as a matter of obligational precaution- prohibited if the tune was suitable for entertainment and diversional gatherings, otherwise it is permissible.

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