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The youth and sexual perversions - Part 2

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

Another letter

I admire you for the sacred warfare you started for guiding the youths... It is clear for me that your idea, against that of many contributors of magazines, aims at felicity of youths.

I am 17 years old and a student of the fourth grade in the high school. I was an excellent student all through the primary school period. However, after maturity I fell into a trap.
Of course, it is not limited to me. A number of those of my age have fallen into this trap. At first grade of high school, I was afflicted with “a sort of perversion”. During the last four years, I have lost a large part of my mental power. I repented tens of times, but my frailty is worsened.

Now, I feel that a major part of my body, that is, my heart and nerves are not working well, and the worst point is that I have lost my willpower, always have inferiority complex, speak too little, cannot exercise and not even go to family gatherings!

I know well that I will not have a good end, but I am too weak willed to quit this dangerous activity.
What is the reason?

The reason is that there are many photos of nude women in the hands of my friends. Our only hobby is watching deviant and sexy films, and pornography books are available at the lowest price.
Please guide me. Tell me how can I get rid of this fatal pain?!
Third letter

... Are you aware of the situation of youths and our problems?…

Do you know that a number of youths commit a serious offence and are perverted?
I was recently walking at Thoraya street in Yazd. Once, I saw a young man about 25 years, having a dull body and blind in the eyes walking with the help of his younger brother.

I went to his brother with whom I was familiar, and asked, “Who is he?”
He replied, “It is my brother.” I was astounded.

I said, “What has happened to him?” He replied, “He had no problem till he was 20, but due to a perverse addiction for some years he has become blind… Regretfully, he still doesn’t quit the malefaction...”

I request you to describe the harms of this malady and the method of its treatment for the youths. What we should do for avoiding such evils?…

These were some letters we received from different cities, and we have mostly quoted their exact words above (omitting the name of writers and phrases that are uncivil to mention here).

These letters and such like are “live and expressive images” from the situation of our youths and their future. Of course, it is remarkable that there are many pure youths who are not tainted with any moral aberration, but at the same time there are many victims also.

If we ignore them and continue to be silent spectators, the pure too will be threatened, the tainted will die, or will become feeble, pitiful, defeated, poor and even criminal like the other victims. However, we hope to save the most tainted through the method which we will explain (if they want and resolve), and the pure ones may look at these issues more carefully to find the way of prevention of any sort of perversion.

Hearing the moans of these victims makes our heart tremble, and the bite of their pens, seeking help beseechingly, stings and wounds the spirit of any human.

Unfortunately, the “sexual problem of youths” is in a very dangerous and critical stage as a result of reading some publications, watching porn movies, distribution of lurid photos, as well as abuse of freedom. It calls for an unremitting endeavour and struggle for saving the youths. Otherwise, an evil and fatal future will be here soon.

However, we believe studying the situation of these victims (as the examples mentioned here above) and others seen by you, could be an expressive teacher for so many hints to all.

Anyhow, significance of subject necessitates to mention what shall be said in this regard, warn all about the cliffs in the course of life of youths, and describe the way of salvation for “the entrapped”.
We invite all of you to study these series of discussions precisely, and assure you that if you leave your heart to us and follow exactly what we provide for you, you will be saved from all risks.


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