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The youth and sexual perversions - Part 1

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

The painful cries from everywhere!

We know that youth is a period of “crisis” of instincts, specially “sexual instinct”. If this instinct is not guided properly, it would have the worst stroke on the felicity and happiness of the youths. Their creative powers will be spoiled like unopened buds, and their ingenuity and innovation which could be the source of numerous honours for them or the society, will be certainly wasted.

There are so many victims involved in the ill-consequences of improper leadership till the end of their life!

We have received numerous letters from the victims, revealing a part of this dreadful mystery. The letters include untold mysteries, dreadful and awful events, the writers of which have sought and cried for help and assistance.

In fact, we too were not so aware about the expansion and significance of this danger, but receiving these information, we have to do our best to awake the youths and warn them of the main points of the danger. We request the Almighty God to help us and them in this regard.

First, let us quote the exact text of some of these letters for you:
First letter

Since you had written in your articles that the youths can explain to you their problems in different issues, I decided to write this letter. ... The problem from which I am suffering and is driving me to destruction is related to sexual affairs and the tendencies which I will explain to you.

I am 23 years old. After the onset of puberty, I was afflicted with “a sort of sexual perversion” due to improper training, lack of attention and unawareness, and “unfortunately” I continued it for seven years!

Now, I am suffering from this internecine blight, and although I have tried hard to stop it, it is of no use. In addition to studying its harms in the books, I find them in myself too. Weak eyes, nervous system weakness, anaemia, trembling, thinness and faint have humbled me!

I was having sufficient talents and was undergoing education, while now I cannot understand the subjects properly, but still continue my education with difficulties….
When I take up the pen, I am not able to write. So, I put it aside, and later when my hand finds power. I start writing again!

There is a weak faith in me which, along with my conscience, blames me.
I sit in a corner and weep as much as I can so that my eyes become red. In brief, I am distressed and miserable, and I do not have any redresser and reliever!!…

You may be interested to know why I do not quit it while observing its harms?

I shall reply that now I believe it is (nearly) impossible to quit. When I become hot with desire, I lose my willpower, when I recover myself, I can only cry!

Sometimes I beseech God and have recourse to Imams (a.s.), but the more I implore, the less useful it is. Once I tell myself taat God and the pure Imams do not pay any heed to dirty people like me?! We are the miserable who cannot relieve our hearts even with our near relatives. To whom shall we resort?

I cannot tolerate anymore, and I am sick of the world. Have pity on me and suggest a way to relieve and deliver me. If you know a medical prescription, let me know it, and be sure (as you are) that there is no need for my appreciation. The society shall appreciate you, and God may reward you.


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