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The fatal consequences of perversions

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

One of the most important issues that the youths face, and method of prevention of the untainted and treatment of the tainted!

In the preceding chapter, we mentioned some live examples to show how perversion and addiction to some of sexual aberrations can change the youths to a feeble, abject, hopeless, retarded and a sick being to the extent of “insanity” and “death”.

Unfortunately, at our time, called by some as “the time of sexy affairs”, many idle writers try to represent the perversions of youths as something insignificant, and sometimes for satisfaction of perverted people, introduce it as a necessity of life and one of the requisites of youth period!

As we know, a group of people too have made it a means for their “illegal business”, and look everywhere for hot sexy subjects and preparing provocative photos, and do not spare any life!

For instance, recently in a magazine called “women”, a so-called shocking news item was published, which as the writer says: “It has astonished all Europe!” It was about a lady who had announced in a newspaper that she was looking for a ladylove for her husband?!

They select news, which is most probably developed by themselves, as an effective promotional means for increasing circulation of their magazine. Now, what is the result of publishing such news with so much embroidery for the society, except scandal and perversion?

Even some sociologists, psychologists and physicians are not excluded from this “sexual wave” and try to represent it as natural and harmless.

A group of people, who believe in the painful and ill consequences of licentiousness, talk about prevention of these issues in such a way that it does not help to solve the problem and treat the afflicted. Rather it teaches the perverted ways they did not know before, and increases their perversion!

All these factors have caused the issue of sexual perversion to become an extremely complicated and a terrible problem such that it is not possible to eradicate it easily. It calls for attention, budget and precise plans.


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