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Masturbation is uncontrollable

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

However, the harms of such perversion are too many to be included here. One of its most horrible dangers is that the disastrous practice is not controllable at all, and will power weakens with its increasing development. It develops into such a strange extreme way that it transgresses any limitation and violates any boundary.

It is true that any sort of excess in sexual affairs, even in the legitimate way (through marriage) may cause numerous dangers, but apart from the basic differences between natural and unnatural satiation of this instinct (which will be explained later), the situation is not always prepared for its legitimate and natural satiation. While, this heinous practice does not require special conditions, and so it penetrates and roots dangerously into life of the afflicted.

Taking into account the above facts and the vital importance of this issue on the destiny and future of the youths in physical, mental, moral, social and religious point of view, it is necessary for all the youths to note exactly all the points we mention for “prevention” from these hateful habits.

The afflicted shall know that it is never too late to quit this malefaction. First of all, “decision” and then exact observation of the instructions which will be mentioned in the coming pages of this book is necessary. After studying this program, it would not be difficult to quit these habits.

$$SUB[-A big mistake about sexual perversions]
A big mistake about sexual perversions

I  would like to weep bitterly, but there is not a drop of tear in my eyes.
I would like to cry, but cannot even sigh.

I would like to think, but about what? About which misfortune and tragedy? Is there still any thinking mind with such adversities?!

I am helpless and alone, wandering and errant, fearful and frightened of what I am and what I would be. I hate everybody, everything and this tainted and disgraceful environment!

I am 21 years old, and have spent ten years of the most critical age of my life “alone”. The adversities of life and the unpleasant colours of the face of society annoy me….

I don’t know what happened. A few years ago, while reading a book, I became familiar with this vile sexual habit unwillingly. It passed and no one told me that what a critical and dangerous period youth is? The nudeness of females burning in the fire of desire and lust increased my inward emotion.

Right! I got accustomed to it and now I am physically and spiritually sick. I am losing my sanity and am too worried and anxious.

Excuse me for this long letter. These moans and entreaties do not belong to me alone. I know that many youths are as pitiable as me.

Let me also confess that I attempted to commit suicide twice at the early ages of youth, 16 or l7 but we poor people are not even allowed to die! Now I have become very weak. Pardon me, now-a-days I lose semen involuntarily!...I am wandering in a fatal typhoon, hoping that one side may lead to destruction!

Pleas save me! I request you to reply to me soon, and if possible, via mail. If you want, you can also reply to me in the Nasl-e-Javan magazine, at your earliest convenience. I pray God for progress of you, the pure-hearted masters and managers of this magazine who attempt to guide tainted individuals like me, and prevent others from such terrible things.

S.B from Mashad

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