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Harms of masturbation

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

However, the youths shall tear the curtains of ignorance and malefaction covering the most sensitive facts concerned with them through their wisdom and intellect, and instead of escaping from perception of reality and resorting to subjects with no effect except narcotization and perversion of their thoughts. They shall review the sensible and clear realities and see the end of these fatal perversions with their own eyes.

First, we narrate the testimony of some physicians and researchers who have investigated such issues. Then, we will analyse the psychological and social causes of sexual perversions, and afterwards we will describe the way of eradication of these shameful addictions.

A famous physician narrates the observations of a number of physicians in his book on the harms of the shameful habit of masturbation as follows:

Hofeman says: I saw a 23-year-old young man addicted to this evil habit since the age of 15.
He had become so weak that his eyes were too feeble even to read a book. He had headache and was hysterical. He was dizzying like a drunken and he felt a deep pain in his eyes.

Observations of Dr. Huotchinson prove that most diseases related to the genital system, retina and choroids are caused by masturbation. (Pay attention).

The said writer adds: The first result of this heinous addiction is that eyes become weak, the face loses its colour. The former smartness and acuity is not found in their sights. A grey circle surrounds their eyes. Then, weakness and sloth is observed in different organs.

Forgetfulness, lack of appetite, indigestion, asthma, envy, grief and boredom, melancholia, seclusion and loneliness are among the ill consequences of this perversion.

The physician adds in his book, that this heinous deed causes anaemia, weakening of physical and spiritual power, vertigo, imagining voices and noises, backache, forgetfulness, anorexia, weakness and indolence, and in brief general debility, in particular in the eyes and ears. (Pay attention)

Addiction to this heinous sexual perversion decreases resistance of body against diseases, and according to him:

Those afflicted with this heinous habit cannot escape death easily after contracting one of the acute diseases.

Then, he quotes from one of the writers:
I knew a young man afflicted with this heinous practice. Once, he was suffering from a feverish disease. On the sixth day when he had become very weak, he could not stop his malefaction. Then, death embraced him!

He also narrates:
One of those afflicted somehow with this heinous practice, felt gradual and increasing weakness. He was losing weight and suffering from backache. Continuation of this practice resulted in paralysis, and after six months of lying down in bed, he passed away pitifully.

Affliction with this heinous habit is very dangerous for the wounded and those who are operated.

To summarize, according to the same specialist, this heinous sexual perversion, hated both from medical and religious point of view, results in atrophy and weakens the spirits of man.


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