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Avoiding all artificial stimulations

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

If the youths watch “sexy films” every night in the cinema or on television, and spend a major part of their valuable time reading “romantic fiction” and watching “provocative photos” of porn magazines, and ogle at half-naked females in the streets, and still expect not to be tainted, they are really wrong.

Such causes of “artificial stimulations” which are never necessary, divert the line of thought of any youth from the basic issues of life, and lead it towards the sexual issues in an acute and rebellious form.

They are constantly kept in a nervous anxious state, the adverse effects of which surround their entire life.

Continuation of constant provocation destroys the best period of life, i.e. youth period, and ruins the nerves of youths.

All dear youths, particularly those having some wrong sexual habits, should strictly avoid watching such films, reading such books, and any sort of deliberate leering to prevent disturbance of their mental tranquillity and weakening of their powerful nervous system with constant excitement.

In order to succeed in this part, it is necessary for them to choose healthy and suitable recreation and hobbies for their leisure, and prepare a suitable program with the help of their friends for this purpose.

These recreations may include personal and group sports, walking, useful reading, gardening, handicrafts, collecting poems, photos and stamps, and  participation in various gatherings and scientific or moral conferences.


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