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Some Advice in Spouse's Relationships

  • Respect your husband/wife. You can even look at other men/women. But never ever cheat on them.
  • Go out together. Sometimes go out to each something at a pretty restaurant, or even if it is just a hot dog... go and talk about life and dreams.
  • Be nice to your significant other's friends. Socialize with them a little. Every time you see them, say hi and talk a bit, try to be a communicative person, without trying too hard, of course. After all, if they are your significant other's friends, so you should show respect for them.
  • Everyday, when you arrive home and see your husband/wife or when he/she arrives home, make sure to kiss him/her, tell you love him/her and ask how was the day. And listen, and make sure to say positive things to them, always.
  • If you feel bad, instead of throwing all your bad feelings on your significant other or on children, yelling and screaming... just go inside of your room and talk to your husband/wife. Tell how you feel, and if you feel like you need to cry, cry and ask for a hug.
  • If you feel jealous, don't make a scene. Talk in private with your significant other, and make sure to say something like: "Look, you know I love you and I trust you, but I can't help it and I do feel jealous of you and that other person. I'm sorry for it". Your significant other sure will understand and will explain things, so your jealousy will not worry you anymore.

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