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How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Husband

  1. Keep an open mind about each other's views.
  2. Help each other, but not being overly solicitous (giving in too easily, or being a "Yes!" rubber stamp person).
  3. Be flexible. Give a little to get a little.
  4. Show kindness. Say, "Thanks! Excuse me. Please... I'm sorry." appropriately.
  5. Communicate enough to keep each other in the loop, but pick your times -- so as not to be intrusive to have your say...
  6. If you disagree on some issues, realize that unless those issues are the crux of your relationship they are not as important as your relationship.
  7. Argue in a sensible and thoughtful manner, when you must disagree.
  8. Try to be consistent, but not merely stubborn.
  9. Accommodate each other's idiosyncrasies.
  10. Do the best you can to make your relationship better and stronger.
  11. Never go to bed angry.
  12. give small surprises even if you are not asked for.


  • Think of and treat your marriage and your spouse as a great treasure, and as gift that you call a blessing Be Blessed.
  • Remember that opposites may attract in many ways, and so try to see the other persons opposite opinions as not that important for a family kind of relationship.


  • Don't take anger about politics to the point of divorce if the other person can put up with you, then reciprocate. Get along. Don't deal with it so much. Let the spouse have the wrong politics, so to speak ...

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