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How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Marriage. The gathering of two souls that truly love each other, and that nothing but God can separate. How romantic, isn't it? But, unfortunately, people that are married too long, even though they still feel love feelings for their partner, tend to see their relationship become each day colder. Here's how to make your relationship with your husband better.

  1. Think about it. Is it true love? Do you still think a lot of your significant other? Can you say you truly love him? Would you accept giving away your life to save his/hers? And do you love him, even with all of his flaws? If you HONESTLY say yes to these 4 questions, then do keep going on reading this article. But if you said no to most of these questions, then end the relationship.
  2. Take care of your looks. Okay, your significant other must love you the way you are, right? Yes, totally true... but you can't expect him/her to be super happy and feeling attracted to you seeing you looking all bad. So, for your own good, make sure your hair is always clean, that you always take a shower twice a day and you always look neat. Honestly, even though your significant other must love you even if you are least attractive person in the world, but he sure will be happy if he sees you are caring about yourself.
  3. Talk like a friend. Conversation is truly important. But please, don't say you do talk to him. About what you talk? About the house? About domestic things, like bills and the children and money? What I'm trying to say is that you gotta talk to your husband/wife about things you'd talk with your best friend. Not about women and soccer, or about food or soap opera... but talk about your dreams, things that truly matters.
  4. Say "I love you" and show love. Hug, kiss, tell I love you when you guys wake up. Make sure to say to your significant other that he/she is the most beautiful person in the whole universe, and how lucky you feel for being with them. Make sure to tell them that you love even their flaws. Say it EVERYDAY. After all, isn't it true for you? So the other person needs to know.
  5. Make love. Having an active sexual life with your loved one is extremely important. It will make you guys always feel intimate with each other and with good humor. Make love everyday, if not, at least 3 times a week. But do have sex: after all, sex, WITH LOVE, is the best thing ever.
  6. If there's a problem, solve it. If your significant other does something wrong, instead of yelling and screaming, why don't you sit and ask why he/she did that? Talk, tell how you feel. Again, communication is key. After all, the person you married to is not only your lover forever, but also your best friend forever.
  7. Never say bad things about your husband/wife in front of children. That will make children have a negative image of relationships, and you will feel guilty later. Make sure you always say good things. Like, for example: if your husband/wife forgot something important, instead of saying that your significant other is "so stupid" or "doesn't care about anyone else but him", think before you say anything when you feel angry, and try to say "I really do love this man/woman, but he should be a little more attentive about things."

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