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Preparing a full time program

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

The youths should prepare a program for all times of day and night for themselves to avoid even an hour of idle time.

We do not say that they should study or work continuously. Rather they should have a program even for their recreation and sport, with no free time.

The youths should know that the greatest misery for a youth is to have free time without any program.

A youth may be unemployed and a job seeker, but he should prepare a daily program, including study, recreation, rest, etc.

It is better if the youths prepare their daily program a little more compressed than their available time to prevent their mind from idleness even for a moment, because being mentally busy is very effective in avoiding such bad habits.

It is often observed that smokers smoke much more during holidays as compared to working days. The difference is the same result of engagement of mind, nervous system and body in the positive actions, and avoiding useless and harmful deeds on working days.

In brief, if those suffering from wrong sexual addictions, do not have a full time engaging program, they cannot get rid of this habit easily. Preparing such a program is one of the most effective factors in avoidance, and the addicted could overcome a major part of problems of their withdrawal in this way.


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