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Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

It is well known that sportsmen are undersexed, because a large part of their physical and mental energy is directed to sports, and naturally, less remains for other issues.

On this account, in order to prevent extreme sexual provocation, it is necessary for the youths to choose extensive and various sports programs.

Those afflicted to this evil habit are often secluded, unsociable, slow and dull. Seclusion, isolation and dullness worsens and intensifies their situation. If they change their state completely, and add mobility to their life, it would be very effective to their withdrawal, improvement and recovery.

Such people usually have a weak and feeble nervous system, while various and appropriate sports are significantly effective in strengthening their nervous system.

They should assign their extra and free time to different games, sports and walking to recover their health and also allocate a part of their physical and mental energy to sports.

To the same degree that mobility, personal and group sports are useful, isolation and seclusion is a lethal poison for them and they should avoid it at any rate.

Don’t forget this advice, and find its miraculous results. Exercise so much during the day that you become tired. Then, you will sleep well at night and be secure from the evil of many harmful and fateful imaginations and thoughts disturbing you at this time!


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