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Husband's Rights Over His Wife

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

The rights of a husband over his wife are numerous. The most important among them is related to having physical relationship with her. The duty of a wife is to submit herself physically before her husband. This right of the husband i.e. of having a physical relationship with his wife as and when he wants is obviously a reciprocation of her feelings. In absence of her husband the duties of the wife include the protection of his rights, status, wealth and respect. She must not spend his wealth without his permission nor must she reveal his secrets. Rather she should be his closest confidante.

She must not let anybody inside the house without his permission in his absence. For, doing so would lead to a lot of misunderstandings which would have drastic repercussions on the sacred contract of marriage. She must value his ideas, plans and provisions that he has prepared for her and other family members and obey him under all circumstances. She must not disobey him come what may nor must she do any such thing which detracts him. Rather she must try her best to attract his attention towards herself by which both of them can lead a life of great harmony.

Let us glance through a very important tradition from our fifth Imam, Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) in this regard. One day a lady enquired from the Holy Prophet (S) regarding the rights a husband enjoys over his wife. He (S) answered, “First and foremost is that she should obey him and refrain from disobedience. She must not donate anything from the house without his permission nor can she keep recommended fasts without his approval. She must never deny him his physical rights nor deprive him of it's pleasures. If she steps out of the house without his permission, the angels of the heaven and the earth, of wrath and mercy, curse her till she returns to her house. [Makaaremul Akhlaq]


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