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The Importance of Obeying One's Husband

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

The sixth Imam, Imam as-Sadiq (as) says a group of people paid a visit to the Messenger of Islam and said, “O Prophet of God, we have seen such people who prostrate before each other.” The Holy Prophet (S) answered, “If at all I could permit prostration before any creature except God, the Creator, I would have ordered the wives to prostrate before their husbands.” [Makaaremul Akhlaq].

In another tradition the Messenger of Islam (S) said, “A wife who serves her husband for seven days, Allah will seal for her the seven gates of hell and open for her the seven gates of paradise so the she may enter paradise from whichever gate she pleases.” [Irshadul Qulub].

In the same reference the Holy Prophet (S) is reported to have said, “A wife who gives her husband water to drink attains a reward of one year of worship, a year whose nights were passed in prayers and days in fasting. In exchange of one drop of water which she provides for her husband one city is built in paradise for her and sins of sixty years are forgiven.”

The author of Makaaremul Akhlaq narrates on the authority of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as), “Certainly, Allah has made Jehaad (Holy War) obligatory on both men and women. The Jehaad of men is to protect the boundaries of Islam and Islamic states with their blood and wealth so that they may be killed in the way of Allah but the Jehaad of women is to be patient while facing the difficulties of life with their husbands.”

The same concept has been voiced in the following words, “The Jehaad of women is to take proper care of her husband.” The Holy Prophet (S) once remarked, “O Women! Whosoever among you is busy in arranging the domestic affairs, God willing, she will get the reward of Islam's soldiers and Mujahedeen.” [Nahjul Fasaahah].

In yet another tradition the Holy Prophet (S) said, “A woman who goes out of her house without the permission of her husband becomes the target of divine curse till she returns to her house or her husband is satisfied with her.” [Nahjul Fasaahah].

“Any wife who does not converse with her husband with kindness and softly and demands from him something which he cannot fulfill, her fate will be such that no good deed will be accepted from her and Allah will express His wrath on her on the Day of Judgement.”


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