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Consequence of ill-Behavious With the Family Members

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

When Saad ibn Maaz, the great companion of the Holy Prophet (S) expired, he (S) himself participated in the funeral procession and shouldered his bier quite a few times with considerable respect. Then he laid it in the grave and buried him with his own hands.

On seeing the zeal of the Prophet (S) in performing the last rites of her son, the mother of Saad cried, “Congratulations, O my son on gaining paradise.” On hearing this the Messenger of Islam retorted, “Wait, do not haste in divine affairs. Your son is in great agony and anguish at the moment.” When the people enquired about the reason for this condition he (S) replied, “He behaved very badly with his family members.”


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