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Human Being, as a Social Creature

After a few years with the family, individuals enter the society. The society has a great impact on the formation of people’s characteristics. People learn codes of conduct and social relationships from the society. When people enter the society they are usually after satisfying their needs. Some of human needs could be satisfied only in the society, among which are the needs Horney names:

A) The need to be liked by others,

B) The need to have a supporter,

C) The need to take advantage of others, and

D) The need to be admired and encouraged.

Human beings are social beings in nature. All the people, even those who seem to be social phobic or isolated, wish to be a part of the society.

If people enter the society only with the aim of satisfying their needs like food, clothing, and the same, the relationship between them and the society won’t be a mutual one. Such a relationship is the result of a selfish and self-centered personality. People like that only take advantage of the society to satisfy their own needs and do not accept to have any constructive roles in it.

In order to have a good society, we need to raise social children, as appropriate for a religious society.

Each of the religious obligations, has not only many individual benefits, but also affects the social spirit of the people. For example, it has been recommended that people say their prayers in groups and in the mosques, because saying prayers prevents people from committing what is prohibited, and therefore, has a positive impact on the society too.

Fasting helps people grow more patient and patient people could establish better relationships with others.

The most effective way to convey the religious and social teachings to others is to invite them to what is recommended and to prohibit them from what is denied.

Parents should raise social children from the beginning, but at the same time, they need to be careful that the societies their children take part in, are in accordance with their values.

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