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The Impacts of Environment on Children - Part 2

1.Groups and Committees

Groups and committees too, affect the way children are raised. When children take part in different committees and groups, they are affected by them. If these groups propagate positive behaviors, they have good affects on the children, otherwise, they could cause the young people and the young adults to deviate from the right path.

Imam Ali said to his son, Imam Hassan, “Accompany the benevolent people so that you become one of them and stay away from the evil doers, so that you do not become one of them.”?

In another saying, Imam Ali prohibits his son from participating in places that could make others suspicious of him. He said, “Do not go to places that might cause people to be suspicious of you. Bad friends could change one in a negative way.”?

2. Knowledgeable People

Another factor that could affect children is to spend time with knowledgeable people. They could influence people greatly because of their scientific virtues. A knowledgeable believer could be a good ethical role model for children.

Imam Ali told his son, “The one who is friends with knowledgeable people, learns from them and the one who is friends with mean people, becomes mean and low.”?

3. Neighbors

Neighbors too could influence others a lot. Because of the relationship people usually have with their neighbors, they could affect each other a lot. This becomes even more important if this relationship is among children, especially if they are the same age and the same gender.

Imam Ali too has emphasized on this point and he has recommended people to ask about the neighbors before choosing a place to live in.

Imam Ali told his son, Imam Hassan, “Son! Before going on a trip, ask about the people who will accompany you and before choosing a home, ask about the neighbors.”?

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