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Free and Loving Relationships

Family life has many different experiences. Some of these experiences make one happy and some are embarrassing. If the family members are not able to find the roots of their problems to solve them, sad feelings will stay with them and could hurt the body of the family. The main problem is the barriers that prevent some people from talking to each other.

For instance, in some families, no one cares about what children have to say. The children, in such an environment, hold a grudge against their parents and they feel oppressed, angry, and lonely.

Healthy relationships are the bases of family life.

There are different ways for a person to establish love and respect at home. This needs lots of patience. In order to do that, one needs to have some points in mind:

Start from yourself: Think about who you are and what you could do in order to establish a good relationship. Think about how your words and behaviour influence your family. You might have a different opinion from the rest of your family members about an issue.

Your family members too, might need someone to listen to them. Try to listen to them without interrupting them. This will help them have a better feeling.

When you are arguing with a family member, you should have in mind that you might not be right. Do not let your pride keep you from having a good relationship with your family members. If you accept your mistakes, others will have more respect for you; though it is not at all an easy thing to do.

Do not hold a grudge against a family member; this is not good for your mental health. This might take long for you, but try to forget everything. If you do, you will have a better relationship with others. Try to ask people for forgiveness and to solve the problems between you.

We might all make mistakes and do something embarrassing; but we should try to smile all the time. You will feel better if you smile. Try to enjoy life, because you only live once.

In order to have the respect of others, one should have respect for them. Try to make others respect you.

Finally, do not try to change people. People are different and have various ways to satisfy their needs and ambitions. If you try to support your family members, they will do the same thing for you. Let others be themselves and love them for who they are. Try to help your family members and stop them from hurting themselves or others.

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