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Some surprising ingredients in kitchen cleaning

It turns out that there are some surprising ingredients already in your kitchen (like egg shells and ketchup!) that work wonders when it comes to cleaning. Try these ideas for easy cleaning.

1. Try Ketchup to Remove Tarnish

It’s not just for French fries. To remove tarnish from silverware, ketchup can work wonders. Dab some onto a soft cloth and gently rub for a minute or two. Finish by rinsing with warm water. (Just use caution if you have items that are valuable or antique. You might be better off taking it to the pros.)

2. Shine Floors with White Vinegar

For wood floors, Get yourself a bucket and mix nine parts warm water to one part white vinegar. This is a cheap trick I learned from an 80-year-old cleaning lady who used to make my wood floors look dazzling.

3. Use Baking Soda to Tidy up Tile

To clean tile floors or backsplash, mix baking soda and water together as a homemade cleaner. Pour half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water. Then scrub with a string mop or sponge.

4. Consider Salt for Cast Iron

Mix water and salt together to form a paste, then use it to scrub a cast iron pot or pan. Next, rub olive oil on the pan, and then heat it for half an hour to cure it.

5. Use Steel Wool to Fade Stainless-Steel Scratches

For everyday cleaning, a stainless steel polisher is best. Rub it gently in line with the grain until marks disappear. Recycle the steel wool when it’s worn out.

6. Clean a Vase with Egg Shells

Have you ever tried cleaning a vase where a bottle brush just can’t reach? To scour those hard-to-reach crevices, try dropping tiny pieces of a clean, dried eggshell into the vase. Add a little bit of warm water, then cover and shake. The eggshells help to scour stains that you can’t get reach.

Source: Mahjubah Magezine

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