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Child Anger Management, a Task for Parents

Children who are aggressive in very young age will probably be aggressive people in adolescence and youth too.  On the contrary, calm children will have a peaceful adult life.

Girls are less aggressive than boys. Men’s aggressiveness is mostly physical and women’s is verbal.

Psychologists look at the issue of aggressiveness from different points of view. Some of them consider it as an instinctual habit and some others believe that people learn to be aggressive by watching other people.

Being aggressive is a hostile behavior that could include beating people up, annoying them, shouting, and ruining people’s stuff. Crying and frowning have nothing to do with aggressiveness.

In the present article, we will study the reasons for aggressiveness in children of above three years of age:

The child could be aggressive because of:

· The environment: The environment of home, school, and neighborhood could make a child aggressive. Parents and other close family members, teachers, and other children have exemplary roles for the child. The child will learn to act aggressively if one of them acts aggressively.

When a child is aggressive towards his younger relatives, he is actually copying the things he has already seen. By providing a healthy environment, parents can definitely improve the behavior of their child.

· Hunger: The Gastric acid has a direct affect on one’s mental state. Therefore, parents should not punish or give advices to an aggressive hungry child.

Children become more aggressive when they are hungry. Many children do not have the habit of telling their parents about their hunger. So, parents need to have this point in mind too.

· Exhaustion: When a child has lots of physical activities, he might become more aggressive due to exhaustion. Parents need to make a balanced plan for their children’s physical activities. In such a situation, parents should try to understand the exhaustion of the child.

· Sleeplessness: It is natural that whenever a child is sleepless he will become more aggressive. This mostly happens when parents hold parties or get-togethers till late light.

· Sickness: One should be more considerate with a sick child. There are also some parasites that affect one’s behavior. A blood test will diagnose the problem.

· Being under pressure: children are lovely and cute in young ages. Therefore, many people want to hug and kiss them. Some children do not like this situation.

Adults who want to be nice to children need to be gentler. They can talk to the children, sing for them, etc. instead of force-hugging them.

· Failure: Another reason that makes a child act aggressively is that the child might have a problem he or she is unable to solve. This problem could be something at home or at school. Parents should try to find the roots of the problem in this situation.


· Being mocked: Parents should never mock their children for their childish thoughts and expectations. Many things that we consider meaningless and unimportant have great value for our children. Mocking children makes them aggressive.


· To attract attention: Sometimes the child starts shouting and acting aggressively because it is the only way he can attract the attention of his parents.  Parents should care about their child’s needs before he feels that he needs to shout for what he wants.

If the child is acting aggressively just to attract attention, parents should just ignore him. Some parents forget about the needs of their child when they are busy talking to other people.

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