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Children's Engagement

Adopted from the Book : "Youth and Spouse Selection" by : "Ali Akbar Mazaheri"

In some families, a very bad habit and custom exists, which is that the boy and the girl are engaged during childhood, For example, they engage cousins and conventionally name them with each other, so hat when those nominated grow older, they may marry each other.

This practice is wrong from every aspect, and it can bring about lots of difficulties.

This problem needs a detailed discussion with descriptions of examples and specimens, which at present cannot be accommodated here.

For now, what is necessary to point out is as follows:

1- Families mst not do such things, which are not in any way advisable.
2- It is also strongly recommended to girls and boys:
that they do not pay heed to such matters. If they are bent and inclined towards the person they have been engaged to during childhood, accept and marry them, otherwise do not.
3- The marriage of cousins has not at all been conducted in the heavens. This belief is a nonsense.

The issue of spouse selection is higher and more important than such invalid customs, ceremonies and rituals.

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