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Family Marriages

Adopted from the Book : "Youth and Spouse Selection" by : "Ali Akbar Mazaheri"

In some cases, family marriages such as marriage between cousins may bring about difficulties concerning the production of children; i.e. weak or deformed children. This has been proved and there is no chance of denying it.

We remember a few points in this regard:

1- This genetic law is not total and common and does not include all family marriages. Allah family marriages cannot therefore be discarded and considered prohibited.

2- People desiring such marriages must definitely scrutinize the medical aspect and let essential tests be carried out until they are satisfied that there are no difficulties. During this period, they must not marry.

3- Medical tests and whatever is necessary must be done before the marriage creates an attachment between the boy and the girl and they become hopeful about each other. They should also be done before the marriage proposal becomes open and revealed to people, so that a noise is not created.

If it is decide that the marriage must not take place, as under medical advice, then the matter should be closed as soon as possible. The more it is delayed, the more difficult would the separation be and the headache will only increase.

4- Those family marriage which took place among the Prophet's progeny (such as the marriage of Ali (a.s) and Fatima (a.s) and did not have any difficulty, was due to many reasons, one of which was that by virtue of the divine knowledge bestowed upon them by Allah, they knew that these marriages would not bring any difficulty for them. so referring to the practice of those magnanimous personalities, the established genetic and medical facts should not be overlooked.

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