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Attitude toward Life

In this connection, we should generalize the idea that verily, what should be the attitude of each of us toward life. To be true, some people have no optimistic view toward life and they see deficiencies, problems and shortcomings in the life. These people are pessimistic toward their spouses in marital life. Such an attitude is a poison to mutual relations between the spouses. The best attitude toward life is the one affected by wisdom and deliberation.

A wise man knows that it is better to see the glass half full than half empty.

Attitude toward Marriage

There are many points about the individuals’ attitude toward marriage. Apparently these points are responsible for many post-marriage problems. Many young people face various problems in their marital life because they have an inaccurate attitude toward marriage. This is because many young people in their pre-marriage years make dreams about their ideal husband or wife that is far from reality. Some people confine marriage to wearing the white garments and organizing glorious marriage ceremony, while the attitude of their partner might turn to be the opposite. Therefore, a wrong attitude toward marriage and unconformity of dream with reality cause problems for the marital life. Before marriage we should think seriously that what is the goal of family formation in our mind? Do we believe in marriage as a love affair or an amusement?

If spouse selection is the result of contemplation and higher thought and goal for us, we can enjoy a life full of understanding, peace and self-perfection.

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