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2020/01/30 530

Adapted from the book : "A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West" in accordance with the edicts of Ayatullah Seestani

2021/02/27 12

There is a special moment in parenthood that delights mothers’ and fathers’ soul with the fire of love, the moment that makes them forget the world and its problem, the moment they meet their newborn baby for the first time. That love grows day after day, put by Allah (swt) in their hearts so that it overcomes the pain, annoyance, and displeasure met...

2021/02/27 9

Some believers may think that the pain of regret for committing a sin is just discomfort that has no impacts; thus, they must let it go. However, this is a wrong notion, as there are notable impacts for going through such a pain. This is reflected in the concept of Tawba or repentance to Allah (s.w.t).

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