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The Same As Visiting Imam Al-Hussain (a.s)

Duration of study: 5 min Visiting the grave of Imam al-Hussain (a.s) is a medicine, forgiveness, guidance, mercy, insight, tranquility, reassurance, renewal of loyalty, and a reward in this world and the Hereafter. This is in accordance with the vast sayings endorsing the concept of visiting Karbala and well known about the Shia ideology by the followers of Ahl Al-Bayt (a.s) and non-followers. Yet there is a grave which is similar to the mentioned merits in the city of Rey (Tehran) and that is the grave of Abd Al-Azim al-Hasani

Al-Shaikh Al-Sadduq has reported that a man from Rey went to Imam Ali Al-Hadi (a.s) and was asked by the Imam (a.s), “where were you?” the man replied, "I visited the grave of Imam Al-Hussain.", the Imam (a.s) told him, "If you visited the grave of Abd Al-Azim al-Hasani grave near you, you would have been as the one who visited Imam Al-Hussain in Karbala." (1)
Abd Al-Azim - the fourth grandson of Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba (a.s.) - gained this high level by his submission towards Ahl Al-Bayt (a.s). He was known for his knowledge and reliability, also for his high devotion with Allah (s.w.t).  There are more than 100 hadiths narrated by Abd al-Azim al-Hasani available in various hadith references. He has narrated these many hadiths from Imam al-Jawad (a.s) and Imam al-Hadi (a.s). The Infallible Imams (a.s) have taught and told us that: "To know a man's position with us, look at the number of Ahadith he has narrated from us." Also in another narration, "To know the position of our followers is by looking at the Ahadith they narrate from us and the depth of their understanding about us.” (2)
With the above in mind, it becomes clear why the Imams gave this figure such great importance. Imam Al-Hadi (a.s) was once addressed him saying, “O Abu al-Qasim! You surely are our companion. Your religion is the religion that Allah wants his servants to follow. May Allah keep you on the right path in this world and in the hereafter." (3)
Hence, every lover of the Prophet (p.b.u.h & his family) should make a visit to the grave of this pious and nobleman, with the intention of being closer to the Prophet (p.b.u.h & his family). 

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