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A Clear Explanation for The Prohibition of Music Part 2

The Meaning of Singing

From the first part of the verdict it is taken that singing, listening to songs, and making money from singing is considered prohibited and disobeying Allah (swt), and the fee that is taken for singing is considered to be unlawful. The second part of the verdict is an answer to an pre-assumed question that is “What is the prohibited singing?” and what Sayed Sistani stated is:
“Seemingly the prohibited singing is using words of diversion and entertainment –poem or non-poem- that are articulated in a tune appropriate to gatherings of entertainment and amusement ………. Singing does not have to give liveliness to be considered prohibited.”
Therefore, Theses are a couple of conclusions made from the definition of “prohibited singing”:
•    Singing is a special use of words that means the use of musical instruments is something else and we will give its ruling in coming articles.
•    These words are considered a diversion or a distraction from the reality and the true reasons of our creation, they are for entertainment and amusement in all its worldly meaning. 
•    These words do not have to be in a poem-for being forbidden- that was and still is the way most Arab singers write their lyrics. 
•    These words have to be in a tune or melody.
•    The tune or melody has to be in a way that is appropriate for entertainment and diversional pleasure and how to know such a thing will be our next article.
•    This “singing does not have to be in a manner that makes a person lively, and what meant by lively is the translation of (Tarab) which is a status of happiness that makes someone like to move and dance. So even if it was not in this status and had the rest of the elements it is therefore considered Prohibited.

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