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A Clear Explanation for The Prohibition of Music Part 1

Part 1:The Translation  The verdict on listening to music might be unclear and confusing to many Muslims. So our goal in these articles is to make a clear explanation on case 20 in the second volume of “Minhaj Al-Salehin” According to the verdict of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani. So first of all we have to translate the case:

“Singing(ghinā) is prohibited (haram) to do, listen, and earn money by. Seemingly the prohibited singing is using words of diversion and entertainment –poem or non-poem- that are articulated in a tune appropriate to gatherings of entertainment and amusement, and the way to know it is in this element, is by convention (that it is considered singing). Singing doesn’t have to give liveliness to be considered prohibited.
It is also prohibited to use these kinds of tunes while reciting The Holy Quran, supplications, etc. More than that based on obligatory precaution, other forms of speech, apart from the ones already mentioned, must also not be articulated in such a tune.
The exception of singing is the singing of women in weddings if it does not include another haram action like hitting the drums, using words of diversion(bāṭil), and the entrance of men on them (during this action) in a way that they hear women's voices which arouses sexual temptations. However, it is an obligational precaution not to consider this an exception.
It is Unobjectionable (it is permissible) to listen to what one has uncertainty about it being considered as haram singing or an unlawful tune. 
As for music, whatever is considered suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings - which is the case with musical instruments that give liveliness like the flute, lute, zither, guitar, and anything like them - is considered prohibited to listen to, use and make money by. Other than that such as military music and funeral music is under the ruling of an optional precaution to avoid.”


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