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Women’s Conceding Education

In the past, women settled in their houses for supervising their sons and looking after their husbands’ requirements. In association with men, women used to play the role of the instructors to their sons. In the present day, women went out for practicing men’s jobs. Home affairs became secondary tasks for women most of whom, in many countries, conceive that giving birth of children contradicts their jobs; therefore, birth control and negligence of giving birth floated on the surfaces.

It is quite understandable that women are singly responsible for contriving the social and mental spheres for achieving perfect and sound growth up of children. Numerous disadvantages were the outcome of women’s secluding their basic functions. Family collapse has been the main pitfall of this misdeed. Women began to meet their husbands and children in concise periods. For many of them, family has been something similar to a locanda that is vacant of any social or mental tie, which constantly calls for putting the family interests in the top..

Women’s being outdoors has deprived the children of enjoying the motherly affection since mothers practiced their outer jobs and left their children most of time. Artificial nutrition and wet nurses can never supplant mothers’ affection and kindness. Experiments have proved that mothers’ milk is not the sole source of children’s maturity. Mothers’ affection and tenderness, which is the natural and mental nutrition that is received through their breasts, share the same significance of natural nutrition in the fields of sound maturity and growth up. This is the main reason beyond favoring mothers’ nutrition to the artificial. In other words, mothers’ milk gives physical and affectionate maturity, while the artificial may contribute in the physical only since it is empty of the natural love and tenderness. Mothers whose babies are nurtured artificially are recommended, by pediatrists, to embrace their babies frequently.. As a rule, sound maturity is attainable only through the reception of acceptable amount of mothers’ love and affection. Mothers who leave their houses and babies will lose love and affection. Many educationists, economists and psychologists reproach women’s secluding their houses. Let us refer to some of these wordings and leave any comment. A grand philosopher says, “As women began to practice general jobs, families began to dispel. Tests have proved that women began to revolt against the traditions of familiar ethics.”. John Simon the economist says, “Nowadays, women have been weavers and typists. The governments employed women in factories. They earned some money, but razed the pillars of their families thoroughly. It is yes that husbands benefit by their wives’ earnings, but their own earnings have been reduced because women began to compete with them.”. August Cant, the sociologist, said, “If women’s manners in the social structure are kept up in the way they desire, expiry is their fate. They will be captive bondwomen.”. Annie Rod says, “It is quite preferable and less disastrous for our girls to work as maids in houses to joining the factories where they are polluted with profanities that rub out their glamour for good. I wish our countries were like those of Muslims in reserve, chastity and purity. Maids and servants there lead a life of ease and comfort and are treated as same as family members without any sort of abuse. It is dishonorable for the country of the English that our girls became models of vice due to association with men. I wonder why we decline to make our girls practice the jobs that accord their natural characters, such as the home affairs. For protecting our girls’ honor, we should lead them to avoid men’s jobs.”.

Shafiq Jibri says, “Women in America are leaving their nature when they began to compete with men in their jobs. This participation will soon demolish the rules of their social lives. How can a woman work and supervise her children and manage her home affairs at the same time? The American women drifted in this course so excessively that a sort of vying with men will be the result.”.

Samuel Smiles says, “Systems that decide women’s working in factories for saving the national fortune are arising lethal results that destroy the structure of the house lives. Such systems are raiding at the frameworks of houses, demolishing the family pillars, and unknotting the social ties.”. Ms. Amina Saeed says, “Ignorance is still widespread among women. The present family decrees should be discussed in the parliaments more than other issues. As much as I conceive, a house is an unparalleled paradise. Women’s settlement in their houses equates thousands of political rights.”.

When women left their houses to enter to the factories and compete with men in jobs and economy, they became too short to fulfill their house missions completely. They also show shortage in the task of educating the early young. When the working women return home, they are encumbered with an exhausting state. How can such women then provide a sound education for their children? Naturally, this forms a menacing danger on the generations that could be affected by several mental defects and behavioral unsettlement, as educationists and psychologists affirm.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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