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Child sexual education (2)

In the past article we talked about the first stages of sexual education with children which was an easy stage. In this article things get a little harder as the children are more exposed to bad teachings from the dirty world and change is beginning to happen. 

Ages six to ten: In this age range girls usually start to feel change in their body and state of mind, they are close to reaching puberty in the scientific form and at nine years (calculating on the Arabic Hijri calendar which equals about eight years and seven months in the Georgian calendar) she hits puberty in the eyes of Islam. As for boys, they are still evolving into men slowly. In this age it is important to keep them especially girls away from moving and waking up “those feelings”. Examples of these teachings would be as follows:
•    Keeping them away at this age level from body contact from non-mahram men and women especially from kisses. For if the girl was nine or ten then this action would be considered prohibited and if she was younger we have sayings outlawing the action. Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) stated “If a girl reaches six years you should not kiss her.”(1)  In another saying Imam al-Kazim (A.S) stated “ If a girl hits six years it is not permissible for a non-mahram man to kiss her nor hug her”(2). This also goes for boys as Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) stated “A boy should not kiss a woman if he passes seven years”(3).
•    Separating girls and boys in the place where they sleep. The Prophet (pbuh) stated “Boys and girls must be separated from each other’s bedrooms when they reach ten”(4) and in another saying form the Prophet “Separate your children from each of their bedrooms if they reach seven years”(5).
•    Teaching them to act upon this verse which we will talk more about in coming articles. “O you who have believed, let those whom your right hands possess and those who have not [yet] reached puberty among you ask permission of you [before entering] at three times: before the dawn prayer and when you put aside your clothing [for rest] at noon and after the night prayer. [These are] three times of privacy for you. There is no blame upon you nor upon them beyond these [periods], for they continually circulate among you - some of you, among others. Thus does Allah make clear to you the verses; and Allah is Knowing and Wise.”(6)
•    Teaching them to stay away from excessive touching of their private parts and the parents should also stay away from doing so especially in girls. Imam Ali (A.S) stated “A woman touching her daughters private part if she had reached six years is a branch of adultery.”(7)

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