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Dimunition of Matrimonial Proportions

The diminution and extreme reduction of the matrimonial proportions is the most threatening exposure that forebodes the family entities. Modern materialist civilizations has offered women as a low-priced and trite stock that most of the youth abstain from marriage since they could easily have the sexual carnality. They also lost any motive to be involved in marriage and its accompanying liabilities. Sheik Behi al-Khuli says, “The young men refrain from marriage since it prevents them from getting the accessible renewed desires. The motives of modern developments have brought about the expansive freedoms regarding ideas, wording, beliefs, and private behaviors, in most of the western societies. It has also established material goals in assets, utilities, and sensual desires that contradicted the spiritual goals and the criteria of honor and chastity. Thus, everyone had the private extensive freedom through which he could do whatever he liked without any legal or traditional barrier. Traditions and social attitudes urged the individuals daringly on doing whatever they want. The result was the triumph of sex worship. The mania of lusts became too prevalent to exclude any. Hence, matrimony became a manacle that restrains the freedom of obtaining the desires. Each individual would leave his friend to find another at whom he can renew the flaming desires.

This would indisputably lead to the reduction of the population and the weakness of the nations in their mental and material components. Ten years ago, some European societies showed the disadvantages of such moral disintegration. Unfortunately, it is got bigger and bigger to include many other countries.

Sociologists are ringing the tocsins and warning again the coming misfortunes of the negligence of family. They are also alarming against the ethical collapse, the destruction of social ties, and the extinction of generations. It was thoroughly true when the French Marshal Petan called his people to virtue on that day when the German forces occupied France in the Second World War. He said, “Weigh your steps. They are surely hefty in the balance. You have disdained the virtues as well as the total spiritual principals. You have rejected the children, relinquished the family affairs, and pursued the libidos.”

The Islamic states are required to attend to the establishment, conduct, and the guaranty of the security of families. They should also improve the economic, cultural, and political circumstances that may influence family systems. Like alimentation, teaching, and defense, the Islamic states are fully responsible of managing families in the most appropriate manner. As a matter of fact, there are many alike purposes that should never be left in the individuals’ hands because they are the governments’ missions.”.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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