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Today’s problems of families are seriously impending. Owing to the social variances, modern families have left many functions they had met before. This caused the dissociation and collapse of family bonds. An educationist says, “As a matter of fact, one of the serious and main threats of modern society is the dwindling of the natural roles of families. This occurred because many other associations seized most of the roles of families. This is unfortunately anticipated to make families lose that effective role which is the most important power of social settlement.”.

It is inadmissible to regard the feckless opinion of calling to the negligence of the family affairs and the laxity of any discussion or thesis in this regard, since this plays no single role in the social development. Moreover, Marxism, in its first stage, declared that family affairs are one of the sources of exploitation that should be destroyed. They claim paterfamiliases’ capitalizing on their wives and sons to use as productive means.. It is to add that Engels confirms, “The individual families do not work in transferring the means of production into a public ownership which is the society’s economical unit. Private home management is similarly changed into a craft, and children’s supervision and education are changed into a public issue. The society should charge the mission of educating the children including those who are not due for marriage. All those will surely eliminate the feeling of abashment that girls feel because of some reasons related, in this time, to the most important economical and ethical factors that impede girls from subjecting freely to the one they love.”.

Communism has conceded many of its decisions because it collided with the factuality of people all over history; family is an indispensable, constant, and unchanging system. Thus, the Russian project has directed to elevate the family affairs and work for protecting the state for the good of children and mothers. It has also legislated the law of granting the pregnant working women vacations before and after giving birth with full stipends..

At any rate, it is significant to have a short prospect on the terrible damages that families encountered under the shades of the modern materialist civilization.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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