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What warning signs should I look out for?

Contact your doctor as soon as possible if:

* You are not putting on enough weight, or are losing weight. You probably won't be weighed during your antenatal appointments, so try to weigh yourself regularly at home while you are fasting.

There aren't any UK guidelines for weight gain in pregnancy. In the US, pregnant women are recommended to put on between 11kg (24lb) and 16kg (35lb) during pregnancy, if they are a healthy weight to begin with.

* You become very thirsty, are weeing less frequently, or if your wee becomes dark-coloured and strong-smelling. This is a sign of dehydration, and it can make you more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) or other complications.

* You develop a headache or other pains, or a fever.

* You become nauseous or start vomiting.

You should contact your doctor straight away if:

* There is a noticeable change in your baby’s movements, such as if your baby is not moving around or kicking as much.

* You notice contraction-like pains. This could be a sign of premature labour.

* You feel dizzy, faint, weak, confused or tired, even after you have had a good rest. Break your fast immediately and drink water containing salt and sugar, or an oral rehydration solution such as Dioralyte, and contact the doctor (CIA/NHS 2007).

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