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I've had a miscarriage before. Will fasting put my current pregnancy at risk?

Not much research has been done about the link between miscarriage and fasting. But we do know that miscarriages happen to many women for many different reasons. Most of the time, doctors aren't able to pinpoint the cause. You will want to be extra cautious about your health if you are pregnant after a miscarriage. Strictly limiting your food and drink intake is not a good idea.


Fasting is only required if you feel healthy, so if you are concerned it could affect the health of your baby, you should be excused. Pregnant women whose weight and lifestyle are generally healthy seem to cope better with fasting. You may be able to fast and still get enough calories, but it is hard to go for long stretches without food or fluid.
Most miscarriages happen in the first three months of pregnancy, and it's estimated that often women miscarry before they even realise that they are pregnant.

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