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Vitamin E Is A Rich Antioxidant For Protecting Body Muscles!

By Muhd Asif Reza

While vitamin C is hard at work patrolling the waters of your body, vitamin E (also known as alpha-tocopherol) is delving into denser territories, protecting your fat tissues from free radical invasion. One study found that folks who are sedentary most of the time and then suddenly exercise intensely may find relief from aching muscles with vitamin E. It appears that vitamin E may reduce free radical damage that can lead to muscle soreness.

• It is precisely this far-protecting prowess that makes vitamin E particularly effective in the fight against heart disease.

• Researchers have found that vitamin E, which dissolves in fat, plays a powerful role in keeping your "bad" LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and sticking to artery walls.

• A number of large population studies involving tens of thousands of people have linked high vitamin E intake with a significant decrease in risk for heart disease. In a study of 80,000 nurses, researchers found that women with the highest vitamin E intake-about 200 international units a day-were one-third less likely to suffer from heart disease than their counterparts who were only getting about 3 international units a day.

• One of the most promising findings for female health emerged from a study a the university of New York in buffalo in which researchers examined vitamin E levels in women with a high family risk for breast cancer. They found that women who maintained high levels of vitamin E had significantly lower risks for the disease than women who had low levels. The benefits were most pronounced among younger women, although those past menopause were also protected.

• Getting enough vitamin E in the diet-it's found mainly in vegetable cooking oils, wheat germs and sunflower seeds-is important for men as well. More than 50 percent of men with diabetes, for examples have difficulty achieving erections, often because of free-radical damage to the arteries supplying blood to the penis.

• It is difficult to get enough vitamin E in foods alone, although cooking oils, nuts, seeds, and wheat germ all are good sources.

• Research suggests that getting enough vitamin E in the diet can help keep blood flowing smoothly through those arteries.

• While vitamin E is effective in its own right, it works more efficiently when combined with vitamin C. It is like vitamin C helps vitamin E get back on its feet again. After vitamin E becomes oxidized by free radicals vitamin C comes along and regenerates it so that it is ready to work again.

The daily value for vitamin E is 30 international units, but 400 international units are recommended in order to get the maximum protection for muscles in body.

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