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Wash Your Hands!

We hear from here and there the importance of washing our hands before eating and the hazards of not doing so. Yet we rarely hear what the roots of knowledge, Ahl Al-Bayt (a.s) stated about this matter.

When one takes a look at their teachings in this regard, he can understand that their words guide their followers, either to do Wudu (ablution) or to wash their hands before and after they sit to eat.
Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) said, “Wudu (ablution) before and after eating increases wealth.”(1)
He (a.s) also stated, “Whoever wants affluence(2) in his life should do Wudu (ablution) when food is ready (to eat).”(3)
He (a.s) also said, “Wash your hands before and after eating, as it expels poverty and increases lifespan.”(4)
All this pops up a question: Do we dry our hands after washing them with a towel or napkin? The answer to that can be found in their sayings (a.s). In summary, they indorse keeping the hands wet (after washing) before eating and to dry them (after washing) after eating.
It has been reported that Imam Abi Al-Hassan Al-Kazim (as) left his hands wet after Wudu (ablution) before eating and dried them after washing them after eating.(5)
Imam Sadiq stated, “If you wash your hands to eat, then do not dry them with a napkin. Blessings in the food will remain as long as the hands are wet.”(6)

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