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Certain ‘Ashura-Affiliated Women

1- The wife of "Habib ibn Mazaher" who urged Habib to go to Karbala, saying “Habib! I swear you by Allah to convey my salutations to Imam Hussein (A.S) and kiss his hands and feet for me, if you get the honor of visiting him.

2- "Umme Khalaf"-The wife of Muslim ibn 'Uwsajah' who went to Karbala accompanying her husband and son and wholeheartedly embracing the grief caused by their martyrdom.

3- "Tou’ah"- the heroine of Kufa who gave refuge to Muslim ibn Aqeel.

4- "Mariyah" - the heroine of Basrah who was a follower of Imam Ali (A.S) and who urged the Shi’as of Basra to help Imam Hussein (A.S).

5- "Dulham" - the wife of Zuhair ibn Qayyin who played a significant praise-worthy role in making her husband achieves salvation. When Imam Hussein’s message reached Zuhair, his high-spirited wife Dulham addressed him thus:”O Zuhair! Would you fail to obey the call of the offspring of Allah’s Messenger (PBUH).” On hearing these truthful words, Zuhair wasGreatly impressed, rushed to the help of the Imam (A.S).

6- "Qamar" - the wife of “Abdullah ibn Umair Kalbi”. She accompanied her husband through the dark insecure alleys of Kufa at night, eventually reaching the camp of Imam Hussein (A.S). She was martyred at the hands of a slave of Shimr-the most notorious mercenary of Yazid- while mourning over the body of her martyred husband.

7- "Ummi Wahab" - the mother of ‘Abdullah bin Khabab Kalbi’. Wahab was a Christian till he met Imam Hussein (AS) on the way to Karbala, became fond of the excellent character and matchless virtues of that exalted Imam and embraced Islam. Then he joined the camp of Imam Hussein (A.S) together with his virtuous mother and his wife whom he had just married and achieved the sublime status of martyrdom.

“Azra” or “Haniyyah” was Wahab’s wife whom he had married just seventeen days before the Ashura tragedy. That young high-spirited bride attempted to help her husband –Wahab,  in his battle against the enemies of Islam and thus rushed out of the tent addressing her brave husband thus: “I won’t let you go to paradise alone.” May God bless all of us to be His servants in the way Lady Zainab (A.S) and the martyrs of Karbala served Him.

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