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Under the romantic covering of “love”

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

It is noteworthy for all sincere youths to know that nowadays, so many crimes and evils are committed under the pretty and romantic mask of “love”!

Any capricious, lustful and impure person may pretend to be a truthful lover. Any deceitful and two-faced monster having no purpose except satiation of his wild animal lusts may realize his satanic and evil purposes under this “veil” by applying romantic descriptions of this “term”.

On this account, after realization of his dirty purposes, his real face is unveiled. He forgets what all he had said. There doesn’t even remains any drop of those pure sentiments and fiery loves, just like a big vessel full of water which is overturned at once. There remains no trace of the heart full of affection, sick eyes with love, and thousands other claims. There remains only a deceived and regretful beloved with a world of sigh, grief and sorrow!

The youth should watch carefully for “false pretenders of love”, who have no capital except lies, deception and tricks. They must note that there are many such people in the society, who copy a single letter full of lies and send it to several girls at the same time.

Not only girls, but the boys should also watch for various traps, where there is no way of deliverance, and it is possible to regret all life for one moment of negligence, undue optimism and submission to vain and false phrases. Those who are deprived of affection, submit themselves to such expressions of love very soon, and are thereby deceived and entrapped easily. They should watch out more than others.
In the next chapter, titled “Pitfalls of love”, we will discuss additiona1 issues complementary to our present discussion.


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