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Traditions on the Value and Importance of Marriage

1 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

God’s Mercy and attention will be bestowed upon man in four situations: when it rains; when a child kindly looks at his/her father; when the door of the Ka'aba (House of God) is opened and when a marriage contract is drawn up and two join each other in a new life.[Marriage in Islam, p.17]

2 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

You must marry and marry off your single sons and daughters. The sign of a Muslim's prosperity is to pay the expenses for a woman to get married. And nothing is better approved by God than a Muslim home enriched by marriage. [Marriage in Islam, p.7]

3 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

Marry off your single men until God will make them good-tempered and increase their daily bread as well as generosity. [Marriage in Islam, p.8]

4 -The Holy Prophet of God (Pbuh) said:

Marriage is my practice and whoever turns away from it does not belong to my nation. [Bihar al-Anwar, v.103, p.222.]

5 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

Whoever gets married has actually attained half of his/her religion and for the other half he/she should be pious. [Bihar al-Anwar, v.103, p.219.]

6 -Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said:

A man came to my father, the Imam Baqir. My father asked him if he was married, but the man said no. Then my father told him that he would not like to own the world with everything in it and live one night without his wife. Then my father continued by saying that two units (rakaats) of prayer of a married man is better than a single man's night of worship and day of fasting. Then my father gave the man seven Durhams and told him to buy the necessities for marriage with this money since the Prophet (Pbuh) has said: Choose a spouse and this will cause an increase in your daily bread. [Vasa'il al-Shiia, v.14, p.7]

7 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

O' young ones; Whoever of you has the means to get married, then marry so that you seldom look at other women and remain sinless. [Marriage in Islam, p.14]

8 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

No contract in Islam is more approved by God than marriage. [Bihar al-Anwar, v.103, p.222]

9 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

Whoever gets married has obtained half of prosperity. [Mustadrak al-Vasa'il, Introductory Chapters, Ch.1]

10 -The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

Whoever marries at an early age will cause Satan to scream and say that the one who married saved two-thirds of his religion from my access. God's servant must remain virtuous to maintain the other third. [Bihar al-Anwar, v.103, p.221]

In fact, marriage is highly valued in Islam and it benefits man and woman greatly. Hopefully, families will ease this humane, divine and important issue and abstain from making conditions difficult to meet and be more lenient. And it is hoped they will perform these ceremonies according to their own social status being satisfied with what is available. Thus the youth’s desires would be naturally met and their instincts, being God-given blessings not turn into sin.

What are the roots of nervous and psychic diseases, inattentiveness to educational matters, being lazy in practicing prayer, rape, prostitution, lust and of lustful deviations? This question must be asked from parents who are too strict and entrapped in wrong traditions and habits being extremely envious of what others have. And also this question must be asked from those youngsters who are not pious and those who have the financial ability to provide for the youths' marriage but do not spend their wealth in the way of God. Whatever logical and acceptable answer they may have in this world, they shall have the same answer in God's just court in the Hereafter.

Adopted from the book: "The Islamic Family Structure" by: "Husayn Ansarian"

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