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To Drive the Thought out of One's Mind that Education is not Harmonious with Marriage

Adopted from the book : "Youth and Spouse Selection" by : "Ali Akbar Mazaheri"

Thought is followed by practice. Thinking that marriage is not possible whilst continuing education is our fundamental and basic problem in this regard.

Before anything else, this wrong notion must be driven out of our minds. If we do that, only then would a suitable solution come to our mind, and the ground for the solution of this problem be provided.

There does not exist any logical reason or argument to support the fact that getting education is not concordant with marriage. Instead, if a correct and right marriage takes place and an equal, matching and suitable spouse is selected, then it would be a good support for the continuation of studies, which could help one reach one's educational aims. We have observed and experienced this in the lives of many students of theology and a few others.

Yes, if the spouse of the student (of both sexes,and in all fields of knowledge) is not equal and well matched, and mental and spiritual co-ordination does not exist between them, and they do not go well together so to speak, undoubtedly, difficulties will come into existence.

This problem, too, can be solved by minute attentiveness in the selection of a spouse and observance of its standards and terms, which shall be described later on.

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