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Third Diffuculty; Selecting the Spouse

Adopted from the book : "Youth and Spouse Selection" by : "Ali Akbar Mazaheri"

One of the difficulties on the way of youth marriage is the difficulty in selecting a spouse. That is to say, the girl and a boy do not know whom to select and with what kind of standards, virtues, and peculiarities.

This is a real and actual difficulty and is not an invented and false one. It is a big problem being faced by the youth, and, as has been said in the preface, they must be helped in this connection. If minute care is not exercised in this regard, many difficulties will come into existence in their future lives, some of which would be irreparable and without remedy.


Brother and sister, do not worry, do not be apprehensive, since we will elaborately discuss this topic in the next chapter. Inshallah you will find th solution to it.

Mostly, the aim and objective of these discussion is studying and seeking solutions to this very difficulty. The real and actual stimulant of our proposing these discussions is to solve this problem.

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