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The Length of the Engagement Period

Adopted from the Book : "Youth and Spouse Selection" by : "Ali Akbar Mazaheri"

A particular length of time cannot be specified for the engagement period; rather it depends upon the position and the taste of the individuals. But it can be said that if any specific conditions are not there, like continuing education and completing one's military training, and the boy and the girl have made the necessary preparations for marriage, then a six to nine-month length of time seems suitable.

we reiterate and stress that a specific time period does not exist for it. All that is necessary is achieving the required preparation and readiness, which has already been described, so that special benefits may be reaped from this duration.


There exists a probability that catastrophes will take shape in this period. These 'probable mishaps' are not alike with respect to all societies and variant families; instead, n the same way as the habits, moralities, rituals, customs and beliefs of people are different, the mishaps of the engagement period and generally the
1- Risalat Newspaper, Issue no. 2102 1st of Urdibehesht 1372 SH, P4.

( 291 )
catastrophes of family life too are different and variant, since these are attached and related to moralities, circumstances, beliefs and customs of the people.

Here we describe a few of these calamities so that the youth and their families may put a curb and restraint upon them and if, God forbid, they take place, they might remove and remedy them.

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