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Some Points to Remember about Good Parenting

· Do not make the habit of saying “yes”? to all the demands of your child in yourself.

· Do not put up with every situation in regards to your child, with this hope that the problems will be solved by time.

· Feel free to think about your child’s demands (for example asking for more allowance, driving fast, staying up, etc.) without feeling guilty or ashamed and be honest with yourself if you have a problem with those demands.

· Do not be afraid of making your child disappointed or upset. Children can cope with these feelings and they forget about them soon.

· Never agree with your child just to prevent an argument or a fight.

· Saying no to your child wisely, will teach him or her important lessons. (Like how to manage an argument, how to have timing for their tasks, and that they cannot always do what they want.)

· By saying no, you can actually help your child find out about your values, beliefs, and opinions.

· Always remember that it is your right to say no to your child, as a parent.

· Your child will thank you some day for teaching him or her how to say no.

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