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Are you an obedient parent?

If you are a parent, and if at least three of the followings are true about you, you should know that your children have turned you into an obedient parent:

· At least one of the rooms in your place looks like a toy store.

· At any time of day the children use mattresses and pillows to play with them.

· Your children wear the clothes that were bought for them for a specific occasion at school, and before that occasion.

· Your children call you by your first name like they call their friends.

· You have bought for your child everything his or her close friend has.

· Your adolescent child sleeps so late that you say good night and go to bed sooner than he or she.

· Your daughter’s last birthday party was more magnificent than your wedding.

· You have different pets at home that sit with you on the sofa.

· You spend all your holidays to take your children and their friends to the park, cinema, theatre, etc.

· Your child’s cell phone bill that he or she uses for texting his or her friends, is more than yours.

So, what do you think about your relationship with your child now? Don’t you think that it is time for you to learn to say “no”? to your child?

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