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How to Say No to Our Children

There is no need to feel guilty for saying “no”? to child. Children say “no”? easily and they are not ashamed of saying it over and over. “No”? is a very simple word, but saying it out loud could be very difficult for some parents.

Most parents do not like to say “no”? to their child, because they believe that this will convey their displeasure, annoyance, and anger to him or her. But the truth is that all the parents have the right to say no to their children.

For instance, you have every right to say no to your child if he or she is asking to stay up late, because this is actually what is best for his or her health. Or you are actually protecting your child when you say no to his or her demand for lots of money in order to start a risky business. Parenting is a job that you never retire from. You will have to say no to your child for many decades. So, try not to feel guilty about it.

It is true that if you agree to everything your child wants, you can prevent him or her from behaving wild or unpleasant, but you should remember that it does not make you a good parent to do something for your child under pressure.

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